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Diagnosis: Autism.


We knew it was coming, really. After all, his sister is autistic, and that meant it was 6% more likely that he would be too. And in a way (in a big way, actually), that foreknowledge is a blessing, because it has made the news we got today much easier to accept. I had such a hard time with that with Hannah.

All things considered, though, it could be worse. It could be much worse. Overall, he is just fine - he tended to test right in the center of the "average" score range. When he decided to cooperate with the test, that is. His major area of deficiency is with pragmatic language (which is the application of his acquired language skills to social situations). They also identified a delay in his fine motor skills - though I'm certain that that's something that would naturally improve as he gets older, anyway, even without intervention. He also has major problems with compliance and self-care (read: potty-training).

So now it is up to us to decide the next course of action. He will likely be enrolled in the pre-K class at the public elementary school (thankfully, the same one Hannah attends). It's unclear right now if he will continue attending Mother's Day Out at the church.

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