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Technology, Part Two | Then

NOTE | This post is a continuation of my discussion of technology in my life. The first part, titled 31Things | Day Seventeen: Technology, talks about the technology that is currently a part of my daily life. I decided that topic alone was long enough for one post, so here is Part Two: an informal timeline of my history with technology.

When I was born in 1978, telephones had wires and cords. The one in our kitchen was harvest gold and matched the refrigerator. My parents bought music to listen to at the record store, and played it on a phonograph with external speakers. The car in which they brought me home from the hospital had only an AM/FM radio. Stoves and ovens had dials, not buttons, nor electronic displays. TVs were enormous and weighed about 900 pounds (ok that might be a tad hyperbolic! lol), and were connected to "rabbit ears" or an antenna on the roof or in the attic of the house (as ours was). Cameras didn't auto-focus or offer any mode besides manual. They shot 35mm or slide film, and you only had your favorite slides made into prints, because even the standard 3.5x5 was too expensive to get them all. The only way to watch TV was live, and channels went off the air around midnight every night, playing the national anthem as the sign-off theme.


My life is crazy.

Okay, who is the funnyman who pushed the "fast forward" button on my life?

So much going on right now, and my life feels crazy. Lots of good things happening - but it's still a lot. I'd like things to slow down just a bit so that I can savor each experience as it comes.

If I can make it through the end of October, I will survive.

So. I will be back with more 31 Things on October 15th. In the meantime, I will leave you with this lovely picture of the sunset from the other night.



31Things | Day Seventeen: Technology


I am a self-professed technology junkie.
I am fascinated by the abilities and possibilities that is inherent in new technology.
I take after my dad in this regard.
I have learned not to jump on new technology the second it comes out, but to give the company a few months to work out any remaining bugs - and there's always something.

Around here.



31Things | Day Sixteen: Uniform

Some of my current clothes. They are sorted by size, then sleeve length.
If it weren't for jeans, I'd be naked.

I saw this saying someplace, a long time ago, and fell in love with it. It is so me. As comfy as my pajamas and yoga pants are, I love jeans and wear them pretty much all year. In the past, I wasn't able to wear them during the summer (it was just too dang HOT), but I guess maybe my internal thermostat has finally lowered a bit as I've gotten older, because now I don't mind it so much. It hasn't gotten any cooler outside, that's for sure! I do have some capris and shorts that I wear (the shorts mostly to the gym), but in general I just really prefer the look of my jeans. I like the dark wash and the bootcut flare, and just a bit of stretch in the thigh.

I've never been a big fan of belts or tucking my shirt in.