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December Daily 2010 | Thoughts

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It's done! My very first December Daily album. :) Here's my thoughts on the process:
  1. Having a premade foundation is definitely a good thing. I don't know that I could have finished this project if I'd had to create each page from scratch during the holidays.
  2. I loved the 6x8 format! It was just enough space for my photos and journaling, and a little bit of something fun.
  3. I liked having all the main pages the same size. It created a nice boundary between the days and a nice home for the odd-size pages I added in extra (photos, tickets, etc).
  4. I liked the ease of the digital templates but I'm definitely happier with the hybrid pages over the pure digital versions.
  5. It is totally ok not to finish until the end of January - or even the end of February. :)
  6. Just taking the daily photos and doing the daily writing is enough to do during the holidays! The fact that I was able to keep up with the photos and journaling is what allowed me to finish the album so quickly. And I never would have remembered all those stories in so much detail had I not written about them that day (or the next morning).
  7. It was hard to keep up with creating the pages during December. Partly this was simply because that month is so busy, but it also had a lot to do with the fact that I don't print my photos at home, yet I like to handwrite on my photos and layer scrapbooking product over the edges.
  8. I need more patterned paper next year; I liked each day having its own design.
  9. I loved that I had a place for ticket stubs and such.
  10. I will do it again next year for sure, so that we can capture Christmas as we celebrate with my side of the family. But after that? I'm not so sure that I want or even need to do it every year. Right now I'm thinking every 3-5 years.
I'm in the process of adding photos of my album pages to the respective blog posts, but you can see the entire album here on Flickr.

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