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I had something of a "breakthrough" moment while I was driving home from yoga class this morning... Recently my weight loss has stalled and I've been trying to think about ways that I can change to get it started going again.

One of my big issues is eating late at night. So I started thinking, well, why do I do that? I think part of it is to help my body keep going as I stay up late. So what if I went to bed a little earlier? Then I wouldn't need to eat at night. And suddenly it dawned on me, I used to have sleep issues. I had terrible trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I'd lay there for hours before I finally fell asleep. So maybe what I need now is FAITH that I can fall asleep at night without being dead-dog tired from staying up late! And I need to have FAITH that my body will get all the nourishment it needs during the day, and I'm not going to starve if I don't eat every 4 hours around the clock. And when I realized all this, it was like, all of a sudden everything was perfectly clear. Of course! Now as I type this, I'm wondering how long this knowledge was simmering in my subconscious. So I should add, I need to listen more to what my body tells me, and have FAITH that it knows what's best for me. :)

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