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Resisting this process.

With just a few days left until February, today I decided I should probably buckle down and take that self-portrait that I'm supposed to have for my One Little Word album.
I hate taking pictures of myself.

With some help from Chris, I took 47 pictures of myself this afternoon. 25 of them were deleted almost immediately (most were blurry or out of focus). In the end I had 5 photos that made the final cut:

Holding on to faith (#1)

Holding on to faith (#2)

By faith, not by sight

Leap of faith

Praying for faith

They pale in comparison with the amazing inspiration I was working with (I've just linked to them here since I can't get Blogger to embed the images directly from Flickr... I guess the uploader isn't working? something about the URL incorrect or some other B.S.): 
In my defense, I am not a professional photographer. I have a nice camera (a Canon Rebel XTi), but I do not own professional equipment or have access to a well-lit studio. I am not a model. Nor do I spend hours in post-processing. However. I must admit to a certain amount of dissastisfaction with my own images. They look so much more like casual snapshots than carefully-planned photographs. The suburban background is simultaneously mundane and distracting. And anyone who knows me knows well what I think about pictures of myself... ;)

I actually have a bunch more inspirational images bookmarked on my Flickr account, but they all feature some kind of beautiful necklace with a cross. I have one such necklace... somewhere. It is small and gold and delicate, and it was a gift to me from my godparents on the occasion of my baptism. Some years ago the chain broke, but I know I still have it. I know I do. So if any of you happen to know where I left it, I'd be much obliged if you'd let me know. ;)

Speaking of letting me know... I'd love it if you'd leave a comment telling me which photo you think I should use as the opening photo for my One Little Word album. Which photo speaks to you? 

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