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December Daily | Day 7.

Today I finished up our Christmas shopping. Lots of gift cards this year; it's not my first choice for a gift but lots of people are asking for them. Wal-Mart for my nieces, Sears for my in-laws, Best Buy for Chris' brothers. Jewelry for one of Chris' grandmas. A dinosaur for my nephew Aidan and adorable baby clothes for my new niece Kiera (so much fun shopping for a baby girl again!). Barbie and Polly Pocket and Nintendo DS games for Hannah. Fisher-Price Little People and cars and construction "tools" for William. A Wii from Santa, for everyone. Extra controllers (a pink one for Hannah, though she now says her favorite color is purple) and games. And as fast as the days before Christmas seem to be flying, somehow the money seems to be flowing [out, that is] even faster.

And oh yeah, three 2011 calendars I'm supposed to make. Hopefully using the Basic Grey kits will help me get them done before Christmas this year!

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