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December Daily | Day 12.

Tonight I brought the family with me out to the gig I was playing at Heights Baptist Church in Alvin. It was a great show! The kids really enjoyed the live nativity they had set up outside. The pygmy goats were very chatty! And of course William had to climb in and check out the vacated sheep pen. (Highly hygenic, I'm sure.) Amazingly, the show had enough energy and variation that it held even my kids' attention... at least through the first half. The music was fantastic - lots of rock and Southern gospel. And the choir and soloists were very into their performances, which gave the music a lot of energy and just made the whole experience a lot of fun. Hannah even joined the other children in the parade led by the hippo from I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and wound up dancing onstage! I'm sure the two slices of cake she had (before dinner!) had nothing to do with that...

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