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Somehow it's been another year already. What is it about this time of year that compels me to write in my blog? LOL I think in some ways that spring, with its spirit of all things fresh & new, is a bigger motivator for life-change for me than New Year's Day. What is January 1st, after all, than an arbitrary date on the calendar?

But I digress. What's new (this time) is that, in my annual effort to revive my blog, I've signed up at Plinky. It's an online social community, like Twitter, only less... inane. (Don't get me started on Twitter - that's for another post!) Each day, via email, Plinky sends a prompt for me to answer; my answer is then pushed here, to my blog. On their website, I can also see how other members answered, leave comments, follow specific people, etc. Mostly, what I hope to accomplish with this is to get in the habit of daily (or at least weekly) blogging, record bits and pieces of my life for future scrapbook pages, and of course share a little of myself with the half-dozen people who actually read my blog. LOL

So without further ado, my first Plinky post: today's question was, "Is it trampy or fun?" which I have to admit that I didn't totally understand (as a question without any context it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me) but most people on Plinky were taking the discussion in the direction of what defines and/or differentiates being sexy from being slutty. Here's my answer:

Against Light II, originally uploaded by Marcela P..

It's what's inside that makes the difference.
Sexy is alluring wihout even trying. It's a way of being. Some people have it, and some people don't - it has to do with attitude, and confidence, and very little to do with sexuality. It's when someone that doesn't understand that *tries* to be sexy that the line is crossed and they are perceived as being slutty. And some people are just naturally slutty; no matter how conservatively they dress, there's still a vibe they project. It's insecurity, it's desperation, it's trying too hard. Sexy is none of that. Sexy is subtle: it's intelligence, and manners, and self-confidence, and carriage (posture), and elegance. It's not about the way you are on the outside. It's about the way you are on the inside.

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