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Family Fun Day.

That's what was on the schedule for today, and I'm proud to say that we actually did it. :) It started with a trip to the hardware store, actually, to replace our edger that had died last fall. On our way we passed a Montessori school near our house that was having a fundraising carnival... of course Hannah wanted to check it out ("Mommy look, there's kids having fun over there!" LOL) and it was such a beautiful spring day that I agreed. So for $10 she jumped on the big inflatable thing and picked out a prize (pink lipgloss with a mirror for my princess, of course!); but it was the sheer delight on her face and in her laugh as she rode 'round and 'round on the airplane ride that really made the whole thing worth it. :) At home, Chris lit up the grill for dinner, and Hannah picked flowers from the clover that carpets our backyard to make a bouquet for Mommy. My favorite kind. :) After dinner we popped some popcorn and all watched Ice Age together as a family. Really it was a lovely day and I'm glad we got to spend some time together as a family, doing things that Hannah enjoys. William of course slept through the whole thing. ;)

As for the house... Nothing "officially" on the schedule for Saturdays but you know I couldn't resist getting a few things done in addition to my morning routines. Today I cleaned off another Hot Spot in our house, the washer and dryer: a big one for us, since it is the first flat surface we encounter as we come in the house from the garage (in practice, our main entrance, as we hardly use the front door). It is so easy to set stuff down there to deal with later, but then it's time to do laundry but first I have to spend half an hour cleaning off the machines... Not good. And while I had the machines uncovered, I decided to go ahead and toss in the wash a load of cloth placemats and napkins that my mother was nagging about the last time she was here. Of course about 2 minutes from the end of the cycle, I found another napkin under a pile of STUFF! Grrrr... I also did some more work in the kitchen, decluttering the kitchen counter and washing the stovetop and under it. The best part was when I was working in the kitchen and Hannah asked to help me! So I gave her a wet sponge and set her to work washing the lower kitchen cabinets and she went to town! Sweet girl. She can be such a good helper! :) I hope that the good cleaning habits I adopt from FlyLady will imprint on my kids, so that they will never have to live in a cluttered house like mine is and suffer from the effects of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome as FlyLady calls it! LOL)

A bit of baby news: I think William gave us his first "real" smile yesterday! :)


  1. I'm so glad you're back!! We've missed you!


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