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31Things | Day Seventeen: Technology


I am a self-professed technology junkie.
I am fascinated by the abilities and possibilities that is inherent in new technology.
I take after my dad in this regard.
I have learned not to jump on new technology the second it comes out, but to give the company a few months to work out any remaining bugs - and there's always something.

I am a PC.
I use my desktop computer, and sometimes Chris' work laptop.
I use Internet Explorer, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, Family Tree Maker, Microsoft Word and Excel, iTunes, and Finale.
I use the computer to enhance my scrapbooking, to take online classes, to get inspiration, to (hopefully) inspire others, to connect with others, to keep myself organized, and to do our taxes.
I love a good spreadsheet.
I have a wide-format printer and a standard-size one (and guess which one the kids are allowed to use!)
I make sure to limit the amount of screen-time the kids get, and keep a close eye on Hannah's online activities.

I have a good wifi connection at home.
I find it way too easy to spend way too much time online.
I have a blog, which I admittedly have not done well at updating in the past... but I am working to change that.
I regularly visit Big Picture Classes, Facebook, Pinterest, and Blogger.
I regularly shop at Amazon and
I use Google to look things up all the time and often struggle to remember how things were before it existed.
I could sit and read articles on Wikipedia all day.
I still use the same AOL account for my email after 12 years.
I use email to follow blogs, to communicate with my mom, to receive coupons and sale alerts, and to stay updated with rehearsal schedules.
I delete a lot of junk mail.
I was notoriously bad about replying to emails until I got a smartphone.

I love my iPhone!
I use it daily as my alarm clock.
I use it all the time to text with Jennifer, with Bobbi, and with Chris.
I occasionally use it to snap photos and videos, usually when I don't have the camera with me.
I use it to keep up with the daily influx of email.
I use it to work on my blog posts when I am away from home.
I use it to time Hannah on her homework and piano practice.
I use it to keep track of my calendar.
I use it to tell me how to get where I'm going, when I'm going someplace new.
I use it to leave myself notes and reminders and shopping lists and wish lists and gift lists.
I use it to check in on Facebook.
I use it to track my bike rides.
I use it to watch shows and movies on Netflix when I'm out of town.
I often use it to take advantage of mobile coupons.
I love that I can use it to refill my prescriptions.
I don't use it to play games so much anymore.
I wish I could use a memory card with it.
I let my children entertain themselves on it when they need to - mostly when waiting in restaurants.
I even use it to make the occasional phone call!

I'm dying for an iPad.

I occasionally feel overwhelmed by all the connectedness and need to just unplug for a while.

I prefer using my iPod for listening to music, rather than my iPhone.
I enjoy listening to podcasts while I'm working out at the Y.
I have a hard time finding earbuds that fit in my ears properly and don't hurt after a while.

I love my Canon DSLR.
I would love to upgrade to a newer, faster, better model.
I love that it has the option of being completely automatic (so Chris and Hannah can use it) or completely manual, or somewhere in between (which is where I use it).
I need a bigger camera bag.

I have only one TV in my house, the one in the living room.
I have only ever had one TV in my house.
I enjoy finally having cable.

I live in a house full of video gamers.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION | What kinds of technology do you enjoy in your daily life? Do you embrace technological advances or resist them?

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