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31Things | Day Two: Morning

I am not a morning person, nor have I ever been. Don't get me wrong, I can get going early enough when I need to, but it's definitely not my favorite time of day.

iPhone alarmToday is a school day, so the alarm on my iPhone goes off at 10:30am. I turn it off and sit up in bed, then unplug my phone from its cord on my bedside table and check my email. Not that I think there's anything so important in my inbox that necessitates my immediate attention, but there's something about that horribly bright light from the screen that helps to wake me up. Today there are 2 special items: the daily 31Things prompt, and a reminder that today starts Week 11 in the Dimensional Details classroom. Things to look forward to.

In a few minutes I am done, and I toddle off to the bathroom. I often joke about my contacts propping my eyelids open but many days that is really how I feel! I step on the scale to check my weight - always after using the restroom but before getting dressed - and take my morning meds. I brush my hair and pull it into a ponytail; although the weather has cooled off quite a bit in the last week, it's still a bit too warm to leave my hair down. I pull on jean shorts and a t-shirt and grab my daily earrings from the nightstand.

I open curtains on my way to the kitchen, filling the house with light. I grab 2 bagels and a can of Diet Dr Pepper (my morning "coffee") for breakfast and eat in front of the computer while I check in on my class message board.

This morning the school bus comes early, a full five minutes before my alarm even goes off, but I can hear the diesel engine from the study. I slip on my sandals as I head out the door, noting Emily the cat dozing in William's chair at the dinner table and making sure she doesn't have a mind to make a break for it as I open the door. I give William a big smile as I help him down the big steps of the bus; he skips the last one and dives into my arms and I carry him up the driveway. "Hi, William!" I say and he replies, "I'm not William, I'm Tank!", naming his new Dinosaur Train toy triceratops. "And you're the mommy pternanderdon [pteranodon]." He stumbles over the Latin and I love it. "Hang up your backpack," I remind him, and he does, carefully slipping the loop over the pull knob on the last drawer in the kitchen. He runs off to his room and comes back with his dinosaurs and the catalog sheet they came with, and sits in his favorite spot on the couch to play. I turn on the TV to Nick Jr. for him and leave him to play and watch Little Bear while I return to the computer and my "work." Between now and lunchtime at noon he will come visit me a few times for a bit of conversation and sometimes (if I'm lucky) a hug.

There's a lot I'd like to change about my morning routine. For one, I'd like to get up a lot earlier - though of course that hinges on not staying up until 2 or 3am the night before. I'd like to get up early enough to see my kids off to school. I'd like to start working out at the Y with Bobbi again (did I really just say that? lol). I'd like to come home and shower and still have enough time to get in my first daily practice session on my horn before William comes home and it is time to be Mommy. I'd like the weight check to be not so daily. I'd like to dress a little nicer, and eat a little better. Things to work on.


  1. That sounds like a nice morning routine! I'd be interested to know how your routine differs on a non-school morning.

    1. Oh come on Erin, you ought to know by now that I don't get up before noon if I don't have to - there is no morning!! lol Actually I don't have much of a routine for weekend mornings since we can be doing so many different things. But you bring up a good point - maybe I should revisit this topic on a summer (or holiday) weekday.


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