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Tips for sewing on paper.

  1. Use a fairly sturdy needle - I usually use a size 11 or 14. Paper is tougher to sew through than fabric, but the bigger the needle, the bigger the hole in your paper.
  2. Use a longer stitch length on paper than you do on fabric; if you go for super-tiny stitches it could actually tear your paper.
  3. Practice on similar-weight paper before you stitch on your layout, so you can adjust the tension, stitch length, etc and get a feel for it.
  4. Go slow, and be prepared to help move the paper through the machine. Sometimes the feed dogs don't like to move the paper along (and that's especially true with page protectors or anything with a slick finish).
  5. Use a spot of adhesive if you're sewing two or more pieces of paper together, but not in the path you're going to stitch. Adhesive on the needle will gum up your machine.
  6. Keep your needle for sewing on paper separate from your needles for sewing on fabric. Paper dulls a needle very quickly.
Have fun! Machine stitching is an easy way to add texture and dimension your cards and layouts.

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