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So I'm going through some old large envelopes in the study (like 9x12 or so) and I find one in the stack that doesn't feel like it's empty.  The front of it says "2007 Statements" and I'm thinking, really?  I thought we took care of those...  So I open it and lo and behold it is FULL OF PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!  I dump the whole thing out on my desk, I'm getting excited now, and there it is - a white envelope, about 5x7, and in it - the missing dance portraits from last year!!!!!!!!!!!  Apparently when I packed up the study for Ike, I grabbed all the stray photos (most of which had been waiting to be scanned) and stuffed them in an envelope...  Then later lost track of it, maybe because of the old label.

I was going to say that this will happily end many nights of sleeplessness, but right now I'm so excited I'm not sure I'll be able to get to sleep tonight either!!  LOL

Thank you all so much for putting up with me in my scatterbrained panic these last few months... :)

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