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His favorite things.

  1. These cute little teddy bears my grandma made when I was an infant. She routinely sewed the family's clothes, and these adorable bears were made from the scraps. The ears, legs, and arms are the perfect size for William's little mouth, and are his favorite things to chomp on to soothe himself, going to sleep, or even just carry around in his mouth while he plays. (Like a puppy! LOL)
  2. Board books, especially Goodnight Moon and the Happy Baby books. My limit is 6 consecutive repetitions of any given story!
  3. Little Einstein water-filled teether. The best thing for sore gums, or when a distraction is called for.
  4. Crinkly sounds. Or as Hannah calls them, crunching sounds!
  5. Blocks and balls. For clapping together, throwing, or chewing on.
  6. Clown and cube. They're soft and make noise. What more could a baby ask for? The clown was one of Hannah's favorite things too.
  7. Remotes. And no, the Elmo toy remote is not an acceptable substitute for the real thing!
  8. Banjo music?!?! Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. He's got a couple of toys that sound like simple tunes being played on a banjo, and those are the buttons he pushes over and over, even when he's actively playing with something else. Like background music. Seriously, dude. Enough with the banjos already.

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