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A message from Hannah.

Dear Aunt Erin, I am Hannah [ ] I am in the [ ] family! Mommy, Daddy, and me Hannah. I will love $35,81,24,57,800 bill. Aidan is sooooooooooo cute because I like him and he is 0 yaers old. Do you have a toy? Gess what I a secret for you. Love Hannah!
Love watching Hannah work on the computer. Hunt and peck. Think, think, think. Love reading what she writes, especially in her own sweet handwriting. Love watching the wheels in that brain spin so furiously. She is growing up so fast.
I don't need your help Mommy, I can spell it myself.
I don't want the commas every three numbers, I will tell you where to put them.
How do I make a question mark?
Aunt Erin will love getting my email!
Yes, she will, honey. Yes, she will. :)

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