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A drop in the bucket.

[In response to today's Plinky prompt: "You have to give away a million dollars. How?"]

Photo by Gnerk at Flickr.

One million dollars is not enough!

After nearly ten years, the church where my orchestra plays its concerts is kicking us out. They claim that they are not going to host any more "outside organizations". (We'll just see how loosely that's interpreted though, when certain choirs come to town!) The problem is, this church is by far the best venue (almost the only venue) in our part of town; most places around here aren't nearly big enough to accomodate the size of audience we usually draw, let alone seat a 100-piece orchestra.

It has long been a pipe dream of mine to build a performing arts center here, so that's where my million dollars would go, as the first drop in that (very large) bucket. I can see it all so clearly in my imagination: the grand entry, the acoustically-perfect concert hall, the more intimate recital hall adjacent, the drawing room for receptions (complete with caterer's kitchen), the green room, the staging area backstage, the music library and offices in the back...

But that's typically the problem with my visions (though I'll admit this one is more altruistic than most! LOL): vintage wine taste and a Miller Lite budget.

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