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Wednesday tidbits.

Can I just say, first of all, that I hate trying to come up with a title for each blog post? Sometimes it's not a big deal, if I have a story to tell, for instance, that usually offers a nice title. Other days - like today - I just have a few random things to say... What to do then? So "Wednesday tidbits" it is. LOL

I had some friends over yesterday (my turn to host the monthly book club meeting). It was great. :) Hannah was so funny; as soon as the ladies walked in the door, she was dragging them down the hall to see her "pink room." Though some advance notice would have been nice... If I'd known she was going to do that, I would have made the beds! LOL We didn't talk much about the book, but that's ok. Sometimes it seems like there just isn't much to say except, this is what I liked, this is what I didn't like. (Which I don't feel like getting into right now, so I'll save that for tomorrow's post.) What was so great was finding out that I'm not alone in my feelings... I really thought I was being pretty sh***y and petty for being so jealous whenever I found out that a couple of the other girls had gotten together, or chatted on the phone, between our meetings. Felt so left out. Of course this plays nicely to my inferiority complex and depression, and makes me wonder do I even have any friends? (Not that I ever bothered to pick up the phone myself!) I guess I can still hear my mother's voice nagging about my high school friends, "You always call them. They never call you. They never invite you to do anything, go anywhere. Obviously, they're not really your friends." *sigh* It's the kind of thing that sets you up for a lifetime of paranoia. So, given all this, I was naturally surprised (and immensely relieved) to find out that I'm not the only one in our group who has felt a twinge of envy at finding out that (to paraphrase) "a good time was had by a select few"...

In other news... it looks like Ali Edwards is going to start writing her newsletters again! Woo-hoo! :) I've definitely missed the Life Artist Challenges since she took a break to work on her book... which is coming out this fall. I have her first 2, LOVE them, and I can't wait for her next one! I totally subscribe to her Life Artist philosophy and am looking forward very much to seeing it all in print.

I got a new battery for the camcorder last week. So far, so good, even if it isn't brand name (which I am definitely leaving negative feedback for that - beware listings on Amazon!!!) but we'll just have to see how it holds out in the long run. The last battery I bought for that thing (at Fry's) worked fine when we got it in May, but wouldn't hold a charge when we used it again in December that same year. Because of that, we only got about 3 minutes of Hannah's Christmas concert at Mother's Day Out this year. >:( Very frustrating. And of course it cut out just as her favorite song was beginning (a children's tune with lots of jumping and stomping, etc. LOL). It's not a song I'm familiar with, but sooooo cute, so I was really looking forward to getting that on video. The photographs didn't turn out well, either (I'm getting a monopod before the dance recital!!!) except for the couple I took up close before the program started. The only consolation I have is, at least it wasn't her first concert - that was last year. And for last year, I have good pictures and the full-length video. :)

By the way, the new Basics Catalog from I Remember When is out (it runs March 2007 to March 2008). I've got it in PDF form for anyone who's interested. If you live in Texas, your order can be drop-shipped to your front door, and if you live in Houston I'll bring it over personally. :) Still kind of doing the consultant thing, though more on a hobbyist basis right now. I'm still not convinced that the whole direct sales idea really works that well in a city with 3 million people; it seems to be better suited to small towns where there aren't any stores. At the moment I plan to stick with it though, until I lose interest or until I get my Wishblade, whichever comes first... LOL

Gotta go to bed pretty soon. I've been doing much better about getting to bed earlier. Tomorrow is special because I'm helping hide the Easter eggs for Hannah's class party. Should be fun. And of course I'll have the camera. :) I'm also doing better with drinking more water, and I've decided to break up with Ben & Jerry - watch for a super-cute layout about that coming soon! :) FYI, I'm leaving them for Skinny Cow... sugar-free and really pretty good! :)

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