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The things I will do for a photograph.

This morning I dumped all of my rhinestones, crystal brads, and other assorted shiny stuff :) out of their respective containers so that I could take this awesome picture. Now I have a nice big pile in the middle of my desk - which in & of itself is pretty yummy, but now needs re-organizing. As if I didn't have enough messes to clean up as it is. That got me thinking about all the crazy stuff we scrapbookers will do to get a photo. I remember one layout in Creating Keepsakes (I think it was by Sande Krieger) where she got stopped by the police because she was leaning over the edge of a bridge to take a picture; they didn't see her camera & thought she was a jumper. :o

Here's some of the things I have done:
  • Dumped things out of their neatly organized containers and packaging into one big pile. (Everything from scrapbook supplies to my gazillion pairs of shoes.)
  • Ironed and changed my clothes, fixed my hair, and put on makeup.
  • Laid down on the ground under the monkey bars at the park.
  • Waded barefoot through mud (well, I didn't want to get my shoes yucky! They were expensive! LOL)
  • Climbed up onto the kitchen countertop.
  • Blocked traffic (my girlfriend & I just had to get pictures of our matching minivans, ya know! LOL)
  • Waded through flooded streets.
  • Pretending to lick patterned paper. (Don't ask. LOL)
So to what lengths have you gone to get the perfect shot? You know, the kind of things that make people (read: non-scrapbookers LOL) look at you funny. Inquiring minds want to know! :)
On a related topic, I found this awesome quote by Stacy Julian (founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and author of The Big Picture):

I've been thinking about pictures... I'm pretty sure I have way too many. I remember my mother taking her old Kodak 110 film in to get it developed and showing me snapshots from the first day of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas - all taken with one 12-exposure roll of film. I've decided that having more pictures doesn't necessarily mean you have more memories - or even more detailed memories. It just means you have more pictures.

Have a great weekend & take lots of pictures!


  1. Hey Heather, it's Erin. Nice blog you have here. I hope all is going well.

  2. Soooo pretty (and totally worth dumping them all out of there containers!) I think the thing I do most is bug my family and take their photos even when they don't want me to (they're just saying that right? I know they secretly love it!) have a great day and keep snapping! Kim


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