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31Things | Day Twelve: Watch

I watch TV shows I've recorded on the DVR: the local news, The Daily Show, True Blood, CSI and CSI: New York; Mythbusters and Wipeout with the kids. I watch Dexter and 24 and Lost on Netflix. I rarely watch commercials.

I watch the Houston Texans and the Baylor Bears on TV during football season - when I remember there's a game. I would love to watch in person.

I watch movies from Netflix and OnDemand. Sometimes I get to watch children's movies at the theater. I love going to the theater and I wish I could watch more grown-up films there.

I watch my favorite Christmas movies on DVD every December.

I watch Hannah do her homework. I watch her practice and take her weekly piano lessons. I watch Hannah dance in class and at the recitals. I watch Hannah eat her dinner and take her daily Flintstones vitamin. I watch her try to find her way as her world changes and expands.

I watch William play t-ball. I watch William play games on the Wii and on I watch William try to go potty - or not. I watch him learning and growing and playing with his toys.

I watch anything my kids ask me to.

I love watching people as they go about their lives, but I rarely have time for it these days.

I watch my weight and I watch what I eat.

I watch for coupons and sales at my favorite stores.

I watch the new releases pour out from the scrapbook manufacturers, and keep my wishlist updated.

I watch the conductor in rehearsals and concerts... mostly.

I watch for new posts from my Facebook friends.

I watch my kids growing up, in front of my eyes and in pictures. Too fast.

I watch for traffic and bullies and creeps and kidnappers and pedophiles and meteors and unleveled sidewalks around my children.

I watch the Gulf for hurricanes.

I watch for things that creep and crawl in the shadows of the night.

I watch the cat's pampered life... And I watch her lord it over us all. I watch her sleep in the sunshine. I watch her demand to be fussed over and fed. I watch her curl up in my chair or on my pillow; I watch her decline to be dislodged.

I watch my step.

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