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31Things | Day Sixteen: Uniform

Some of my current clothes. They are sorted by size, then sleeve length.
If it weren't for jeans, I'd be naked.

I saw this saying someplace, a long time ago, and fell in love with it. It is so me. As comfy as my pajamas and yoga pants are, I love jeans and wear them pretty much all year. In the past, I wasn't able to wear them during the summer (it was just too dang HOT), but I guess maybe my internal thermostat has finally lowered a bit as I've gotten older, because now I don't mind it so much. It hasn't gotten any cooler outside, that's for sure! I do have some capris and shorts that I wear (the shorts mostly to the gym), but in general I just really prefer the look of my jeans. I like the dark wash and the bootcut flare, and just a bit of stretch in the thigh.

I've never been a big fan of belts or tucking my shirt in.

I dress pretty casually most days. I suppose that technically most of my shirts are t-shirts, but I like to think the ones I wear are a cut above your average, everyday walking advertisement. I've been shopping at Fashion Bug for several years now and I just love their tops. The fabric is good quality, with a nice hand. They use trendy designs like butterflies and flourishes and bling (all my favorite things!), and cuts that flatter a woman's curvy shape, but in a way that is tasteful and classy. And they're very affordable. And they're going out of business, and I am so, so unhappy about that. I also really love shirts that make it look like I'm wearing layers, even though I'm really not - as much as I love the look, most of the year, layering just makes me uncomfortably hot.

I love wearing neutrals and own a lot things in chocolate brown and black, especially. I do try to make sure I get some color in my wardrobe though, and I love wearing pretty blues and reds and pinks and sometimes purple.

I definitely prefer short sleeves to tank tops. In the winter I usually wear long or three-quarter length sleeves, although some days I can get away with short sleeves. It's usually too warm for sweaters and sweatshirts. To keep warm outside I have a couple of lightweight zippered wraps (and a gorgeous teal jacket I just bought for this year), and a short, classic herringbone coat that is a bit heavier. I just love it and I really wish I had more opportunities to wear it; it just doesn't get that cold here.

I don't mind dressing up once in a while, but for the most part I feel like it's more trouble than it's really worth.

I like skirts and dresses; I just don't like them on me. In my current shape I either come off looking pregnant or just plain frumpy. I don't like the feeling of my thighs rubbing together, and it's too hot to wear pantyhose.

For playing gigs and concerts (and just dressing up in general) I have a pair of classic black slacks that I love. They are sharply creased down each leg and have a small upturned cuff at the ankle. I buy a new concert shirt every couple of years. I like to find ones that have some sort of interest to them, like a few sequins, contrasting fabrics, a bit of lace, or an interesting cut. Of course they are all solid black. Years ago I used to have a few black dresses that were appropriate for concerts; someday I'd like to be able to wear those again.

I'm a saver of clothes. Which has probably saved me a bundle of money over the years, given how much my weight has yo-yo-ed. I keep my current size hanging in my closet, as well as the next size up and down. All the other clothes that are too small are packed in boxes at the bottom of the closet, awaiting the day when I will be able to wear them again. There are some great outfits in there that I would love to wear again. Lately I've been focused on a pair of brown slacks (just like my beloved black ones) that hang in the "slightly too small" section of my closet; they've been my inspiration when I need a push to keep at the work-outs. Periodically I do go through my boxes and my current wardrobe and give things away that I decide I no longer like all that much. In my current size the rejects tend to be mostly tops that I've had for a number of years and things that have paint splatters or silverfish holes in them. It takes me about a year to wear through a pair of jeans to the point where I have to buy new ones.

I do finally enjoy shopping for clothes again (mostly tops). I like to joke that I go shopping when what I really need to do is the laundry! It's not technically true but it seems like it often works out that way.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION | What's your daily uniform? How do you organize your clothes in your closet?

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