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31Things | Day Six: Me

Heather Hare portrait
This is me.
  1.  AGE | Just shy of 34. Doesn't seem possible; didn't I just turn 30 yesterday???
  2. FAVORITE PART OF MY DAY | Depends on the day. Some days it's when I get up, knowing that I'm alone in the house and have 'x' amount of time to do whatever I want before the kids get home. Some days it's when William jumps off the school bus into my arms at 11am, so happy to see me and to be home. Some days it's when I'm off at an orchestra rehearsal in the evenings. Some days it's when it's just me and Chris and we're hanging out in the study (me scrapping and him playing games on Facebook) or we're watching TV and cuddling on the couch. Some days it's when I fall into bed and relish the comfort of my favorite sheets - and the knowledge that I don't have to get up early the next morning.
  3. LOVING | My family and my friends. Making music and making things with my hands. The coming of fall.
  4. LONGING FOR | Peace. At home (peace between my kids), in my country (peace between Democrats and Republicans), around the world (peace between Christians and Jews and Muslims, especially). Some days it seems possible. Some days it seems like a pipe dream... on all 3 accounts.
  5. INSPIRED BY | Photos & stories. Other people's ideas and stories and feedback. Shiny things and pretty things. Challenges. Pinterest.
  6. DREAMING OF | Next year, when both kids are gone all day and I have the house to myself. The day when Hannah actually eats for dinner what the rest of us are eating. Every night. Financial security and stability, and freedom from credit card debt. Chris loving his job... and still earning an income capable of supporting the lifestyle we want. Losing weight and losing the diabetes. The perfect life.
  7. NEEDING | Creative time. Time with girlfriends. Exercise.
  8. NAVIGATING | The beginning of a new school year. Adjusting to new routines. Searching for balance between my needs and the kids' needs, work and play.
  9. STRUGGLING WITH | Making hard decisions. Doing what I know in my heart is right vs. doing what is "safe." Knowing and doing what is best for our little family of four.
  10. KNOWING | That tomorrow is another day. That I am only human and therefore fallible; that I will make mistakes but also that if I am repentant, I will be forgiven. That I am doing the best I can with the knowledge, gifts, and resources that I am given. That in the end, everything is gonna be all right. That I am blessed.

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