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December Daily 2011 | Day 7

Dec 7, 2011: An Ordinary December Day

10:40am: up, breakfast
11:05am: William's bus
12:25pm: lunch
2:40pm: waiting for Hannah
3:35pm: jazz class
4:12pm: tap class
4:45pm: ballet class
5:36pm: in the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A
5:52: visit Birdie
5:55pm: Buck's
6:06pm: Domino's
6:34pm: dinner &Mythbusters
7:16pm: Hannah practices piano
7:31pm: some playtime for the kids before bed
8:05pm: goodnight, William. Hannah is reading Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door
8:56pm: surfing Ali's blog, uploading photos, and upgrading to iOS 5.0
9:13pm: tuck Hannah into bed.
9:45pm: the upgrade to my iPhone is a no-go. Too many errors, too much frustration. Giving up and going to watch 24 with Chris (streaming Netflix thru the Wii).

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