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December Daily 2011 | Day 2

Tonight I played the first of 2 holiday concerts with the Clear Lake Symphony. This year, my horn choir, Esprit de Cor, is being featured on a 10-part horn arrangement of Amazing Grace. Not technically a Christmas song, but I think it fits in the spirit of the season. Plus, it's just a beautiful piece, and a stunning arrangement. This fall we have been playing it in various churches in honor of our friend Bruce Brown. We were hoping that he would be able to play this Christmas concert with us, but sadly he lost his battle with brain cancer just a few weeks ago. So we play this concert in his memory. We even had a stand for him on stage, which I thought was a really nice touch.

William got totally caught up in Hannah's excitement this evening. He loved listening to the Christmas music and was even bouncing around to Jingle Bells. The biggest surprise came at intermission when he actually gave a hug to "Mr. Stuckey"!

On another note, I am not feeling well today. My ears feel full of cotton. I spent most of the day sleeping. Chris is ill as well; he actually took a sick day. The children, of course, are healthy as can be, and as full of energy and Christmas joy as ever.

Packages are being delivered to the house nearly every day now. So many wonderful Christmas surprises. :)

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