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December Daily | Day 3.

The CLS horn section after the concert (and a few margaritas!).
The Christmas concert: truly at the heart of practically everything I do during the month of December. Sometimes rehearsals and shows take me away from home more than I'd like; and sometimes I am all too grateful to be able to escape the house. But I love it! I love playing the horn, and I love that I can have friends and a life outside my family. I love going out for margaritas after the concert. ;) But I also love that Chris and the kids come listen and watch me play. I love sharing my gift with them, especially at Christmas. And if it really is the same arrangement of Sleigh Ride that I've been playing for the past 20 years, well this is the time of year when traditions seem to matter most. When they mean the most. So saddle up that horse and sleigh, and pass me a peach mojito!

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