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December Daily | Day 1.

Around our house, the first sure sign of December is the appearance of Jack the Elf. He comes from the North Pole to hang out at our house during the first 24 days of December to observe the kids' behavior, and reports back to Santa at night. Every morning he is in a new spot, and it's a great game of hide-and-seek for Hannah to find him before she goes to school; William hasn't noticed him yet. When Hannah told her classmates at school about Jack, they informed her that they didn't have an elf at their house, her reply was that they must not be looking hard enough. Love that.

The highlight of my day was watching the sunset over the city from the 49th floor of the Shell building, where my horn choir was playing a gig at a private Christmas party at The Downtown Club. The view was absolutely amazing; the sunset was totally magical. Definitely a great way to start this season of wonder.

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