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Time for a new routine.

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Lately I've been re-prioritizing my life - I do that, occasionally - and now comes the tricky part: trying to fit it all in the hours of each day. I'd like to work out first thing (after breakfast) in the morning... It's funny, but I've found it true, that a smart workout really does give you more energy for the day! (That's been my mantra lately... work smarter, not harder.) So including drive time to the YMCA, getting William settled in the nursery, etc. that's about an hour there. After that, I'd spend an hour or so at home doing housework; why not, I'm already sweaty, right? ;) Ideally, I can work in a practice session on my horn. Warming up for the day. If there's any time left before lunch, I can read a book or catch up on the message boards for my online class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Lunch, then, with William and Chris. Love this time in the middle of the day to refresh and reconnect. Then William goes down for his nap, and I can grab a shower (feels so good!). Then it's playtime for Mommy: scrapbooking, yay! At 3 it's time to wake William up (I hate doing that!) so we can pick up Hannah from school. Snacktime at home, and William sits on my lap while I do Facebook and Farmville on the laptop. Gotta get my daily fix. :) Then what - oh yes, practicing my horn, can't forget that. Supposed to be practicing 3 hours a day on non-rehearsal days, but I'm still working up to that. Dinner with the family, all of us at the table together - a good thing. More practicing after dinner, I guess. Bathtime, storytime, bedtime for the kiddos. Then it's Mommy & Daddy time. Lately that means watching 24 or House on DVD. Love Netflix. Bedtime, and it's a little earlier than it used to be, since I stopped drinking caffeine (been a couple months now - go me!) and stopped taking afternoon naps. (Let's just say I was a big believer in the old advice to sleep when the baby sleeps. lol)

Wow. That's a lot in one day.

I think maybe I'm gonna need to get up earlier. :P

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