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Wish I had a picture.

It was the funniest thing.

I was on my way home from dropping off Hannah at school, and as I pulled into the driveway, I noticed something sitting on my front porch. I'm not expecting my monopod from B+H to arrive until tomorrow, and anyway it didn't really look like a box, but I was curious nonetheless. As I got closer though I saw that what had initially appeared to be a pile of leaves was actually 3 brown doves! There they sat on my doorstep, peering into my dining room window, and looking like nothing so much as a flock of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Really kind of bizarre.

The car pulling into the garage didn't seem to disturb them too much, so I ran inside real quick to grab the camera (being careful not to slam the door shut). As I walked back outside, I headed toward the street at a moderate pace, not even looking in their direction - but to no avail. I heard a feathery commotion behind me as they took flight, flying into each other - and evidently into my front door as well - in their panic to get away. Bird brains.

It's a shame - it would have been a really funny picture.

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  1. Where'd you go? I miss reading your entries.


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