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The stuff of dreams.

Isn't it odd how sometimes our bodies and our dreams sort of "interact"? I had a major allergy attack yesterday afternoon, and by evening I was an absolute wreck. I couldn't stop sneezing, my sinuses were swollen almost totally shut, you name it. I was also quite tired - probably a result of not getting enough oxygen - so I decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual (as in, before midnight LOL). Well of course you're not going to sleep well if you can't breathe, and it seemed that every time I woke up during the night I was still in the same position that I lay down in when I went to bed. I really don't think I moved much at all. Which explains why I woke up stiff and sore this morning (though the sneezing was much abated).

As I suffer from a number of allergies (I get a bad attack pretty much every time a cold front comes through and the wind shifts to the north), I have nights like this several times a year. The odd thing is my dreams on those nights. The content differs somewhat, but they all have one thing in common: in my dreams, I am experiencing some sort of strenuous activity. Last night it was ballet. I dreamt I was back in high school, in ballet class, and I was en pointe. It was kind of like that fairy tale, where the girl puts on the shoes and can't stop dancing (if I recall correctly, I believe it eventually kills her). Anyway, I was dancing and dancing, and twirling all around, I couldn't just walk anywhere, I had to dance, and my body was aching and exhausted, every muscle pushed well past its well of endurance, and still I had to keep dancing, and then...

And then I woke up, and it was morning. And I was tired from not sleeping well, and stiff and sore from lying too long in one position. Weird, huh? Truly amazing how the mind and body connect, even when we're unaware...

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