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A new favorite picture.

Isn't she beautiful? That's my baby girl. :) She was having such a great time at the park that day - and so was I. The static electricity from the plastic slide was making her hair stand on end (which I thought was pretty cute & funny LOL) so I just crouched at the bottom with my camera and waited for her to come down. A beautiful reminder of a fabulous day.

It's days like that that make this whole thing worth it... this struggle to be Hannah's mom. Today was such a very bad, bad, bad day: everything from the cat puking on the floor first thing this morning to the computer crashing twice this afternoon to Hannah's violent insistence that Daddy buckle her into her car seat, not Mommy. Saying "no" when Daddy asked her if she loves Mommy (and this while she's sitting on my lap eating my dinner! but at least she was eating...). Throwing fits about having to sit on the potty. Peeing on the floor no fewer than six times today. Things like that that make me want to give up, quit trying, walk out and not look back. I went into my scrap room this afternoon and just walked right back out again. I couldn't do it. I wanted to scrap, wanted to take my mind off all the crap of this lousy day, but I was just too depressed. Feeling totally frustrated, bewildered, and... unnecessary.

A total waste of a perfectly good weekend.

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