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This is from Jennifer. It is snowing in Arkansas, and she has great pictures of it. Her kids had a fabulous time playing in the snow, and she has great pictures of them. It is 50 degrees in Houston. Here it is not snowing; here it is raining. In 2004, on Christmas Eve, it snowed in Houston, and I was not here. I missed it. So she sends me this picture because she knows it will make me mad all over again.

At least it is not a great picture.

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  1. No, it is NOT a great pic. What do you expect from my camera phone while driving my mini-van down the road IN THE SNOW!?!?!?!?!? However, the picture of Noah, with his bright pink SNOW cheeks, grinning devilishly as he is about to hurl a SNOWball in my direction IS a good pic. And the one of Peyton with his maniacal grin as he hurls a SNOWball and yells "Arrrggghhh, I'm a SNOW pirate!"... yep, it's a good pic too! LOL... you just missed out, girlfriend! But hey, being the friend that I am, I'll send you a few and you can scrap them for me! That way you won't have squandered your money in vain buying all those yummy SNOWflake embellies I know you are so fond of. Don't thank me, that's just the kind of friend I am. LYLAS!


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